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Bill Riley Talent Search

Sunday, July 24th - 4:00 P.M.
In the Grove, unless it’s raining, then it will be in the Activity Center.

No Entry Fee

Entry blanks may be obtained at the fair office and are to be returned to Muscatine County Fair Office by July 1st.

The Muscatine Co Fair is conducting a Talent Search & Talent Sprout Contest with winners to represent Muscatine Co. at the Iowa State Fair Talent Search & Talent Sprout contest in Des Moines. Contestants may be from Muscatine County or surrounding area.

Any participants who have already won a 2022 Talent Contest are not able to win the competition but will receive prize money. This is a state rule. A keyboard will be provided for county competition, but at the State Fair level you must use a piano.

Rules of the State Contest will apply at the county level.

All acts must meet with the Master of Ceremonies one half (1/2) hour prior to the Show in tent behind the Grove Stage.

11. Any child 2 through 12 years of age is eligible to perform.
2. Not more than FIVE in a single act.
3. No pantomime to records. No vocal or instrumental to tapes or records.
4. When one member of an act is 12 years or under, but others are older, that act must be in the Sprout category; however, no one age 15 or older may appear in the sprout category.
5. Each act must NOT run more than three minutes. Any performance running more than 3 1/2 minutes will automatically be disqualified.
6. An individual may appear only once in the SHOW.
7. No combos or rock bands permitted.

1. Anyone 13-21 yrs. of age are eligible to compete.
2. All participants must be legal residents of Iowa.
3. Accompanist, when not a part of the act, may be any age. No more than three accompanists permitted- drums, amps, etc. discouraged because of limited set-up time.
4. Each act must NOT run more than three minutes. Any performance running more than 3 1/2 minutes will automatically be disqualified.
5. Professionals are NOT permitted to compete. (This includes Union Musicians and anyone whose principal source of income is from his talent.)
6. Not more than 5 persons in a single act. (Piano accompaniment is NOT included in a vocal act; however, piano is considered a part of an instrumental act.)
7. Phonograph records and tapes can be used as accompaniment for dance act, batons, etc.
8. Tapes and records can NOT be used for vocal or instrumental accompaniment.
9. No pantomime acts to records will be accepted. Pure "mime" is accepted.
10. An individual may appear only once in the SHOW.
11. No combos or rock bands permitted because of the difficulty in setting up such groups in the limited set-up time.

Awards to be presented by the Muscatine County Fair:
Talent Sprouts:
• 1st-$25
• 2nd-$15
• 3rd-$10
• 4th-$5
Talent Search:
• 1st-$50
• 2nd-$20
• 3rd-$15
• 4th-$10

In addition, $50 expense money for the Iowa State Fair Contest will be given to each Championship act.

Bill Riley, Jr.
Bill Riley Talent Search

Tonya Cook
Special Events Director

Iowa State Fair
(515)262-3111, ext. 215
Heather Torpy
Vice President, Marketing &

Bill Riley Talent Search